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Marble acrylic organiser especially designed by Jennifer. Your ultimate bff to keep your trolley in order!

+ A lid designed to keep your disposables free from dust.

+ 9 slots for tweezers/scissors

+ 3 compartments for disposables.

+ 1 large compartment designed for gel pads.

+ We recommend gently placing tweezers tip pointing down to avoid any accidents.

+ High quality marble acrylic

+ Use Isopropyl swabs to wipe down or warm towel.

+ Avoid using acetone as this may cause damage to the acrylic.

+ Organisers designed to fit with our 15 tile lash box on your trolley (from Ikea)

+ Size: 264mm x 200mm x 121mm

+ Tape dispensers can be found in our Tapes category

*Please note that each organiser will differ from the product photo online due to the marble style design which results in a unique marble pattern on each organiser during manufacturing.  If you find it is squeaky please place some oil on the hinges. 

Accessories not included.

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