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How should I store my adhesive?
Unopened adhesive can be stored in the fridge and when you’re ready to use it, bring it down to room temperature before using!
Opened adhesive should be stored in our air tight container and kept in a cool dark place. Do not store opened adhesive in the fridge.

How long will my adhesive last?
Once opened your adhesive should be replaced every 4-5 weeks.
To check your adhesive expiry, you will find a batch number on the bottom of your bottle. 
Head over to the adhesive product page description and simply match your batch number to find out the manufacturing month. Your glue will expire 6 months from this month.

My adhesive nozzle is blocked, what can I do?
We sell adhesive nozzle openers, this baby will help you to remove the nozzle super easy without a mess. We always give spare nozzles with every glue. If you need more we also sell them in packs of 10. You can find these In the category 'adhesive accessories'

To prevent adhesive nozzle from getting blocked we recommend using the pin provided when you are shaking your bottle. Store adhesive up right and never shake upside down. Always burp adhesive and use our lint free wipes to wipe nozzle after using.

Is your adhesive's latex free?
Yes all our adhesives are latex free.

My glue is stringy what should I do?
If your glue is stringy most likely there is a build up in your glue nozzle. 
Simply change this over with the spare, If you need more we sell these in packs of 10. 
Express BFF is has a thicker viscosity therefore should be cleaned very well with our adhesive nozzle wipes after each drop.
Shaking adhesive correctly is just as important. We recommend using a glue shaker or shaking bottle from side to side rather than upside down.