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#01 - ADHESIVE 101

#01 - ADHESIVE 101


Welcome to our first ever blog post here at Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies - and probably will be one of the most important ones we will ever write

The glue itself

Across the globe, every lash glue available in the market shares a common foundation: a cyanoacrylate base. Cyanoacrylate refers to a family of adhesives with a unique chemical formula, including well-known variants like superglue, instant glue, nail glue, and certain medical glues.

To modify the characteristics of cyanoacrylate, various chemicals and ingredients can be introduced. These additions alter drying times, colour (black or clear), retention levels (high or low), and more. However, at its core, the base remains cyanoacrylate.

In simpler terms, cyanoacrylate undergoes a curing process where tiny moisture particles blend with the glue, causing it to harden and form polymers. Inadequate moisture results in extended drying times, while excessive moisture causes the glue to dry too quickly, potentially leading to difficulties in attaching lash extensions and premature thickening of the glue

In other words: 

Not enough moisture = Takes a long time to dry Too much moisture = Dries too fast

“Quick to blame anyone but ourselves”

Without offending anyone, often lash technicians are quick to blame the adhesive they are working with rather than their techniques or what their clients may be doing. We see it over and over again in various social media groups, comments on posts and recommendations from others “Do not use xxxx because it just didn’t stick to the lashes” or “Wow I don’t know how xxxx gets so many reviews as it didn’t work for me”. Most of the time when these comments are made and constructive criticism is given, the lash technician won’t take the feedback and will continue to blame the glue.

Did you know that the chances of getting a “bad batch” of glue is around 1 in 5000!

9/10 it is a user problem. Shock horror.

Time and time again you’ll hear suppliers and manufacturers say this - because it is true.

When we’ve had customers reach out for assistance with glue, it always begins with “My temperature and humidity is in the range but for some reason the glue isn’t working” and when we send through this great retention checklist for both the lash technician and the client, we can fix the problem they’re having. 


There are SO many variables that affect lash adhesive:

  • Are lashes clean?
  • Has the adhesive been shaken?
  • Is there an AC or heating unit blowing air onto where I’m working?
  • Am I using the correct amount of glue?
  • Did my client wash their face with an oil cleanser prior to the appointment?
  • Has my client started a new medication?
  • Am I correctly attaching the extension to the natural lash?
  • Does my client have any hormonal medical conditions?

And the list goes on.

It is very important to also check the recommended use by dates on your other products such as primer or cleanser as a chemical reaction could occur with out of date products. 

What to do next?

Once you’ve been through our Retention Checklist, it is important to start making some notes about the appointments with your clients.

Make notes about:

  • Room conditions ie temperature, humidity, is heater on etc
  • Lashes being cleansed
  • Client wearing makeup upon arrival y/n

Other reasons why your retention is suffering:

  • Detailed client consultation hasn’t happened prior to lashing
  • Bond hasn’t formed correctly - sometimes a layer can occur on the bead of the glue, caused by adhesive drying too fast or from a breeze 
  • Adhesive being off or stored incorrectly
  • Old adhesive left on the natural lash

Now once you’ve been through all of this, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us via email ( or our social media channels! 

Some parting wisdom -

There is no adhesive that is “THE ONE” for everyone. No such adhesive exists as everyone has different requirements and conditions 


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