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Our Pre-Made D-Curl collection is hand crafted using 100% Korean PBT and packaged in a glamorous eco-friendly box.
By sourcing the highest quality materials our range will ensure you are able to effortlessly achieve the fluffiest set of lashes your clients will love. Each applied lash will feel soft, light and look semi-matte while feeling comfortable on the eyes.
Our lashes are all short stem & are heat bonded at the base.
They are easy to apply and closely mimic a perfect hand-made fan.
We are proudly cruelty free and vegan friendly, no animals were harmed while creating these beautiful fans.
We prefer to test our range on lash addicted humans!
While most suppliers have only 12 lines per tray, our boxes come standard with 18 lines.
Our 3D trays consist of a generous 360 fans per box. Our 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 10D consist of 180 fans per box, that’s roughly 60 extra fans compared to a 12 line tray.
C-curls coming soon.

Mixed trays consist of:
7mm x 1
8mm x2
9mm x3
10mm x4
11mm x4
12mm x4

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