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Moisture Free lash protector!


These disposable light weight lash protectors are made of a durable plastic with a gentle adhesive strip to adhere to your clients face during their lash appointment.


The purpose of the moisture free lash protectors is to stop your clients breathe coming up to their lashes and your face during the lash application. This ensures that you don’t run into any attachment issues while lashing with a client wearing a mask.


This is NOT to replace a mask but to simple improve clients comfortably and artists working environment.


When there is more moisture in the air your lash adhesive will cure much faster, using our moisture protector will avoid this!



- Ensure area is clean of make-up/oils

- Slightly crease the centre so it hugs the nose area more comfortably

- Adhere to face


When it’s time to remove use a Q-tip with some water to loosen the adhesive and dispose it.


See here for a video tutorial

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