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15 tile acrylic lash organiser!

+ Keep your lash extensions covered after using with our gorgeous marble design acrylic lash tile box.

+ High quality marble acrylic

+ We highly recommend to use lashes with a foil backing to keep tile clean from sticky strip paper residue as this may be hard to clean and can damage the tile.

+ We do not recommend using sharp blades to remove excess strip lash paper residue.

+ Isopropyl is safe to use on tiles.

+ Avoid using acetone as this may cause damage to the acrylic.

+ No numbers on sides so you can place the lashes where it works for you.

+ Size: 263mm x 124mm x 114mm

*Please note that each Tile Box will differ from the product photo online due to the marble style design which results in a unique marble pattern on each Tile Box during manufacturing. In order to ensure longevity of the Tile Box, a tight fitting lid has been designed. This means that the lids will initially require a little more effort to open and close while they wear into shape. If you find it is squeaky please place some oil on the hinges.

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